Content development is the life blood of social media. In a simple language Content development is researching, producing, and publishing information to meet a strategic goal. That goal will either be to build a connection with an audience or to encourage some kind of marketing or sales outcome. When you put in great content it can drive more traffic, it will help to make customers to buy from you and it can also get more loyalties and deep engagement.

The essence of a content development is to lead to a defined outcome. That outcome might be joining a lead list or buying a product. The more sophisticated your understanding of your sales process is, the smarter your content development will be. The following shows the factors to consider when creating a great content that can generate traffic.

When creating a great content one needs to to develop a very good buyer persona. Buyer persona helps one to understand who actually the customer is, how the customer behaves, what the customer needs, how to reach the customer, and how to solve the customer’s problem. When creating a great content one needs to fully understands his potential customers in order to know how he/she can write an appealing and a captivating post that can propel a potential customers click the call to action button.

Think about your goals. In creating a content one should ask: What am I out to achieve? One should have a goal laid down to achieve with the developed content not just for writing sake. The major goal is content development is to generate traffic and command sales. To understand it well, let’s use journalists as an example, The reason journalists aren’t content developers is because the end result of their efforts is publication. They hope that a large volume of material will create a large volume of connections but in actual sense of business it’s not. This is to show that one needs to set out goals his/her content will achieve, basically it should generate traffic that will lead to sales to make more money. That’s why content development is referred to as the HARD CURRENCY.

Consider your resources. This is very important because before one ventures into any productive business he/she must first of all consider what it will take to make a successful business. It is also applicable here, if one wants to create a video for his content that require a sophisticated environment and competent cameraman he will first of all check his available resources if he can afford the pay or maybe liaise with them to create a great video content.

Think about your team. One needs to ask: Do I have the necessary team to drive this content or can I do it all alone? This will help the individual to know how best to go the content development and as well create a content that can generate traffic. Some companies have a full team of various digital skills while some have one person who does every single thing for them. It is very important to think about the that will help in the content development whether individual or group.

Competitive research. This helps one to know exactly where to venture more effort in the content development based on the information gotten about his direct and indirect competitors. After researching about their existing content, one needs to thoroughly go through it to know where is booming in terms of traffic generation to know where to focus more and find out what is missing from his competitor’s content and fill in the gap or better still work on the aspect that gives them edge over others to generate more traffic. Here one considers how many people are following their competitor and how their contents are performing in order to work more harder to generate busy traffic.

When creating content, what types of content can one develop? There are a lot of them but let’s mention few:

Holidays: One can write on various holidays in Nigeria, like Christmas Holiday, Easter Holiday, Independence celebration Holiday or the Muslim Holidays as well.

Video tutorials: This can be tutorials on how to do some certain things eg: how to bake cake, how do contour makeover, how to make your lips red using Colgate toothpaste and Vaseline, etc.

Quotes: They can be those great inspirational quotes one gets daily, weekly or monthly. The content should be a great one in order to drive someone’s urge to be checking on it daily, weekly or monthly.


Recurring weekly posts


A social media campaign is a coordinated marketing effort to reinforce or assist with a business goal using one or more social media platforms. In order to carry out campaigns one needs to follow the necessary steps, and they are:

Define your objective

Execute for influence

Track the results

Build a social content calender

Types of campaigns

Influencer outreach

User generated content campaign

Sponsored content.

When one gathers contents that is relevant to a particular topic or area of interest and then sharing it with his audience, it is called Content curation.

Features of content curation are; It saves time, it builds industry connections, it gives more variety of content, it extends social media reach and it has a good mix of promotional and curated content.

There are tools in which one can use for content curation. They are:

feedly, pocket, #lists, curata, sniply,! and publishthis.

In creating social media content one should have this secret which will help to achieve the sole aim of generating more traffic and making more money which is; only 20% of your social media content should promote your brand. The other 80% should be dedicated to audience interest. and also keep your buyer persona in mind it’s tested and trusted to generate more traffic, don’t forget.

When creating a content one have to consider the 3Ts in content development. Tagging, Timing and Testing of content.

Tagging: After creating ca content one needs to get it viral one of the ways to achieve such prominence on social media is by tagging the big wigs in social. That is to say tagging is using a social handle or username of a person or business in your post. It positions the posts on their profile page making it possible for as many as possible to see and read it. In tagging people, one needs to make sure his not tagging irrelevant people or not bugging some people of higher status quo. Tagging is not the same in all social media, as it is in facebook is not the same in instagram and twitter. Another thing is one should not think that tags are beneficial on linkedin, pinterest, Google+ or youtube, No! they are not necessary.

Timing: Knowing the right time to make post is the key content development, because if one creates a great content and posts it at the wrong time is of no use. One should know when his targeted/potential customers are active online to make a post that will generate traffic. for example life in Umuahia and in Lagos is not the same. Lagosians tends to wake early to beat traffic jam, which means by 4am they are awake to prepare for work and there is tendency of majority of them checking their social media handles to check latest posts, while Umuahians relaxes till 6am before they wake, so if one makes a post around 3–4am for umuahians only few will see it because many are fast asleep. Timing is very important in posting a great content, because the sole aim of a great content is to generate traffic and money making.

Testing and tweaking: One is certain for sure; every social media platform audience is different, it is imperative to test and see what works best.

Call-to-action is one of the most important components of a great piece of social content. The use of active language is the key. Such as: Like, donate, subscribe, download, register, secure, comment, watch, buy, share.

Be time sensitive on your call to action

>:Today only

>:Ends at midnight

>:For the next 24hours

Content development is not just about creating content, but measuring, adjusting and recreating it. It is a step beyond publishing because content has a defined goal which is part of a strategic process to generate traffic and more sales. It is imperative to have your buyer persona in mind when creating a great content that will generate more traffic and more sales, also being time sensitive is key to achieving aim of the content development.


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