He Stole from me….😭😭😭😭

I wanted to give my baby a birthday that she wanted..So a friend or so I thot ,that I had known for ages agreed to help me out, I sent the money (being abroad and all…he disappered) it was meant to be a surprise birthday for a 7 yr old💔💔💔.

😨I gave him my heart…my body…my soul…my everything against my better judgment because I neva believed in love, but I was like what the hell lemme try this he could be the one.Until a baby momma I HAD no idea about reared her head Mr Man lost his job and I supported him where I could, jokes on me when his Mom started asking me for money I feel like Whitney Huston right now !!! I am so totally for the stand by your man L.L Cool J thingy but not so for the treat me like shit part because that is where I draw the line and leave like funny.

Food for thought to all parents out there!!!!!

Treat your house helps,maids,nannies or whatever you want to call them with Love n Respect. Because you got ur hussle for ur brood and they stay with them longer than you do..so many cases of Nannies mistreating kids but it starts with the owner of the house…Holla @ Bouchra!! You reap what you sow.

2018…Did I passover? I think not so sad but then maybe I did…welcome to 2018 …..the words of my Mum hope n pray I finally settle down.

Old hurts….bad memories….swindlers…plunderers n steal joys I turn my back on you…..2018….lets see wat God has in store for me👀👣👣

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