The problem was, every Christian I met sucked at being good. They just happened to be really skilled at covering it up and looking pretty externally.
Why I’m a Christian (And Continue to Suck at Being One)
Benjamin Sledge

So are u in a relationship with God or his followers?? I think u got it twisted Jesus is the one you should look to not his followers because as u said they are messed up!! which is true it’s not your job to judge your pastor banging or being banged!! it’s a race keep to your side and if you see a weak person coz u sound pretty strong in the faith then pray for them it’s not a cliche people change becoz of prayer you are not the judge of God’s pple you ought to do your thing and let’s see if you finish the race!!! am pretty tired of people like you who keep pointing fingers and sayin negative stuff about the Kingdom ,then clean house!!! this flesh is at war with the Spirit no one can change themselves people are in bondage and all u can do is talk badly about the people in Church!! if ur such a Christian then have you sat someone down and told them the truth in love?