WHEN I met you I was only 14 yrs old and you 17yrs a senior.

You were dating this lady they said you were the perfect couple but what do I know I was still a child innocence looming by.

I look at you,look at me and tell myself there is no way on earth you would ever talk to me which you never did, I saw you in school but I never dreamed of ever talking to you. I stayed one semester and had to leave the school for another I never thought of you our paths would never meet or so I thought.

Fast forward am 21yrs I get aboard a bus and I meet you I say hallo and you smile at me, I meet you again and say hi and that’s when you ask “Do I know you?” I am so embarrassed so I mutter a stupid intro “ I’m Salome we went to high school together!” You laugh and say Salome English?? (not funny at all and no relation to Johnny English).

Few days later I meet you in my neighborhood, I invite you over to my house and you surprisingly come with me no one is home just you and I. My family think I am deranged they have never seen you but I talk about you constantly trying to get their approval before you come and meet them but they all think you are an imaginary friend Fosters House here I come.

Finally I introduce you to my family and what a surprise everyone is captivated by how you look and how polite you are.

I still think to myself there is no way on earth you would want someone like me.

My big sisters says “OMG are you hitting that??” am embarrassed how can I? I hate sex I don’t even know wat the hell am supposed to feel. “Salome get a grip he is a nice man you should date we like him” Did you guys not notice he is Muslim? hello!!.

Knock at the door, you again I keep wondering why you keep coming over its annoying, you came to fix your car at the garage downstairs you tell me, am watching a movie you join me..we sit down your hands on my shoulders and am like what is going on in my head.

You turn to me and smile and I can’t breath you lean towards me my mind goes blank our breath meets staring at your lips and you kiss me pulling me towards you..damn this feels good electric tremors all over my body and it goes on and on I don’t want it to stop..magic fingers all over me when you pull away I pull you close and you ask me firmly are you safe?safe huh!! my clothes shit no words are forthcoming and my brain feels mushy I can only nod and you take me hard I scream wildly I am lost in you are my cure and it feels so good I never want it to end.

Complications…we fight you ignore me ..you walk out…you don’t call.. don’t pick up my calls it’s been a month I feel like someone died and then I come home and find you there everyone disappears my heart is breaking why am I not good enough for you?

I become a Muslim I think you will ask me to be your wife. I pretend I hope I wish finally I pray but not to your God,I go to my God the God of my mother who asks me why I would want to be with a Muslim? That’s when I know I have to walk away but before I go I take something from you that I know will always make me remember you.

9 MONTHS LATER after I leave town I welcome your daughter who you will never meet but she is beautiful jus like you and boy does she have a great future ahead of her. I have never asked for your support we don’t need it,she asks who her dad is and where he is I have no answers for her because I don’t know either.

You never thought I would leave you took me for granted God opened doors for me for us but not for you to be a part of our life..You shouldn’t have let me go and I can never go back to you.

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