On Writing


Writing is difficult. Many times I am too afraid to begin, too distracted to finish or too unsure of myself to put it out there.

So many sleepless nights end with writing. At first I hesitate, but soon enough I give in as I realise that until these thoughts are put to bed sleep will never come.

There is a calm that comes when I let possessive thoughts bleed unto a blank page from flickering fingers and a blinking cursor. Sadly, many of these works are never finished and the volume of unfinished works stand as a testament to how varied and random my thoughts can be.

I have not published any written work in a long time. Life happened, and there is a lot of thought waiting to be put into an article on work-life balance.

Am I even sure I’ll find the balance to write that? Who am I kidding? Sometimes, there is simply not enough time to breathe let alone write.

But it hurts when I hold it in. It hurts when these words form, bubble and blow over without a sound. I feel a thud in my heart when a story dies. And I am constantly haunted by the ghosts of the things I think but do not say.

Our people say that the millipede who decides it’s on the wrong side of a busy road and wishes to correct this mischief is either very brave or very stupid.

I like to think writing counts as bravery, and that I am brave. I grew up, live, and work in Nigeria. Do you know any proper Nigerians?

As I was saying, I plan on writing a great deal from here on out. Let’s just say, I found my muse again. And no, it’s not a new BlackBerry (at least not yet) although I’m looking to get a Priv for myself soon. I think it’s an extremely impressive device but the Nigerian economy is currently sleeping with the fishes so... [scratches head].

I have started a new publication here which I hope you will come to love. And as always, I’ll be writing on law, life, living and anything else that finds its way into my little heart.

For the most part, I will subtly offer knowledge (old and new), a personal perspective, questions and answers.

Did you see this post from a year ago? That was me in pain and although ‎there was a clean up, the filth is back. Also, there was this letter to President Buhari where I complained about many other things that should not allow a good leader to sleep well at night. Welcome to Nigeria.

If you have any interesting questions on law, life or living in Nigeria, ask me (try twitter or facebook). I’ll love to make an attempt at answering those. It should be fun. Will it? Ask and find out (please remember that your questions may be edited for clarity).

Thank you for reading. There will be a next time. Happy New Year.


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