Designers on Social Media

In today’s age of technological advances, the use of social media has become a big part in building a designers career and influence in the community. In an article written on the topic by Elle Smith for the Chron. Smith talks about how graphic design plays a big part in social media today. She states” Due to the rapid growth of social media, consumers are exposed to a barrage of Tweets, “Likes,” texts and messages on the Web and on their mobile devices. With the need to read or view images in seconds — as well as on smaller screens — graphic design plays an increasingly important role not only in building brand awareness and recognition but in merely attracting the user’s attention”. As designers, the use of creative skills and ideas, not only help to preserve the main fundamentals of art. It can also, be used as a form of visual communication to connect with the audience. When it comes to designers, their work can convey a connection on conscious and subconscious levels, which can invoke strong emotional feelings and can empower a movement or help stimulate meaning. That leads us to our first point “How do they utilize social media”?

How do they utilize social media?

Social media has become a large part of our everyday life and has been seen as a device of connection. In an article written by Carrie Kerpen for Forbes, Kerpen talks about how social media has changed us and how it is affecting our society drastically. She states” Without question, Social Media has had a profound impact on the concept of a “personal brand”. Our lives become increasingly more public, as we all share information on a variety of networks. This transition hit us like a truck — first, it was “the kids” spending time on Friendster, Myspace, and then Facebook . Now, over 78% of the U.S. population has a social network profile.” However, when it comes to many designers they’re involved with social media extends from its original use to fit their needs. Designers use social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook as a spectrum to visual their work, provide a message, or us it for commercial business. A great example of this is the designer Karyn Jimenez-Elliot. She is a graphic designer located in Rhode Island and after sitting down with her and asking her how she uses social media as a designer she stated “Social media acts as many things. For some it’s a sounding board and for others it can be a platform in which ideas and feelings are shared. I utilize my Instagram and Facebook accounts, as not only a means of sharing my personal life, but also to share causes that are important to me. I take great pride in contributing artistic matter towards the issues we see in our world today, such as the importance of voting and even policies on gun control. Being a designer in the ever-so modern age of social media opens doors and windows for artists to truly express themselves and bring never before seen content to the world.”

n terms of design, social media has also allowed it easier for designers to inspire their audience all over the world with their work. An example of this is the designer/illustrator Alejandro Parrilla, his Instagram @_parrilla displays creative works and a unique art style to viewers. That has gained a found inspiration among 12.9 followers and has allowed him to plant his work as a strong part of the community. This turns to our next point how does it help designers build exposure.

How social media helps build a designer exposure?

When it comes to exposer, many creative designers stride to get their work out to the public. With the introduction of social media, this makes introducing work to the community faster and easier than ever before. It also allows the user to have access to users and viewers work from all around the world. Along with ways to interact with other designers via a “Like” or “Comment”. An example of this is with the new developing graphic designer Daniel Osterholt. His social media account @osterholtdesigns showcases his designs in UI/UX along with some of his creative concepts for his designs. This has allowed him to gain small presents in the community. It has also provided the means for him to reach out to other designers and intermingle with them via cyberspace.

This exposure could help him develop his stance and provide means to maybe develop his services into a business. This turns to our next point how does it help designers establish their business.

How social media helps designer establish their business?

In today age, having a well-established business opens the door for possibilities. Designers in today age try to provide their services as means of establishing a business. With the introduction of social media platforms, this has provided business opportunities for designers and their works. In the article written for Fresh 01 multimedia agency. Talks about how design help establishes business and brand. It states”Graphic design increases the professionalism of a business’s brand perception. By having an attractive graphic design attached to a social media post (or profile if this is consistent on all posts) significantly increases the strength of your brand image as a whole and builds rapport with your target audience.” For example the designer group the Creative Pain, has established their business with creative custom designed shirts and print material of their design works.


As designers, the use of creative skills and ideas, not only help to preserve the main fundamentals of art. It can also, be used as a form of visual communication to connect with the audience. With the introduction of social media, it has helped provide designers there means digitally interact with the world with their creative individuality and personality as a means to connect .