We’re All Talking About Politics the Right Way, and That’s Not Okay
Jordan Bray

I’m glad there are a few non-radicals left. PC language is just repackaged language used by Bolsheviks passed down by angry Marxist professors who offer no actual solutions:

  1. Define economic “winners and losers” (change bourgeoisie to white people)
  2. Hold perceived “winners” responsible for all oppression (except Asians who by their measures are more privileged than whites)
  3. Align with the oppressed
  4. Revel in their moral superiority
  5. Shame and attempt to silence opposition

If this continues, the DNC is looking at 8 years of the orangutan because it’s turning off actual liberals. Our education system fetishizes the defeat of Axis fascism while ignoring the 92,000,000 killed by leftist authoritarianism, and “those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it.”