This is the second part of a series highlighting my different life experiences and how they have contributed to the development of my product management skills.

If you found this article via a random search, you may want to start with Part 1, which can be found below:

Life Experience # 2: Improv Comedy

Yes, and…

You say what? I say it again — improv comedy! In terms of my improv comedy background, I have taken classes at well-known theaters in London and NYC and have performed in a few shows as part of my classes.

Let’s dive in!

Listening Intently

Improv comedy is not about randomly adding words and phrases to a scene. In fact, if you’ve seen a show with such randomness, you’d probably agree that such scenes are pretty terrible! …

Google “How to build excellent product management skills”. The search results are vast, ranging from PM certifications to Quora questions. It seems everyone is trying to bottle up the secret sauce.

What am I trying to do that is different? I am trying to highlight my own life experiences through which I have learned and refined fundamental product management skills. This is the first article in a series that will be written over time.

Before I dive in, here is my quick story: I cofounded a global and profitable edtech company called Cognitir and started a consulting company. Before commencing these entrepreneurial adventures, I went abroad for my MBA, taught financial modeling at the business school and corporate levels, taught high school Algebra in inner city Saint Louis, and was an investment banker. …


Neal Kumar

Co-Founder, @Cognitir, a global edtech company. Aspiring improv comedian. Recovering investment banker.

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