If You Want to Be Creative, Don’t Be Data Driven
Bill Pardi


Great article. It speaks to some basic brain science. We are tempted to think that the left-brained data/fact oriented world is richer and more precise than the right brained unstructured and emotive side. The fact is human success most often found in the integration of these two approaches. So to me, it is not data vs creativity, but data that leads to creativity and curiosity that thirsts for more data that enables progress. In my view, being data driven is a tool, as is a walk in the woods or a nap. When I am stuck looking at data can spur new thoughts, or lead me to investigate something I hadn't seen before. And lets not forget, that all ideas have to be justified to others to be implemented — that is a place where data can help tremendously. But never expect that the data “speaks” plainly. It is the meaning that we bring do the data that is compelling.

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