Your time, your kindness and your efforts to educate me will not fall on deaf ears.
H. Nemesis Nyx

Absolutely! You’re very welcome. In a world so eager to forget who I am, it gives me hope that there are those like you still listening and learning.

My group (intersectional non-monogamy) is actually working on building an integrated database of quality resources, with accessibility and intersectional assessments. And for those that need input, I went ahead and created my “Ask A Black Personpaid service, which isn’t limited to my Blackness (I’m a minority of marginalization) and which others who are marginalized will be joining.

I initially posed it as a joke, but you know what? Experts of every other kind are paid accordingly. And most of us are poor and disenfranchised. If we are to do reparational work to end our abusive cultures, then we have to flip the world on its head.

The only hope I feel is in those who mobilize, those who listen, those who serve as a buffer between the damage and the vulnerable.

Thank you, H. Nemesis Nyx for putting your walk where your talk is.

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