Ask A Black Person
Michon Neal

Relevant reading, or why do I charge to answer questions, and not just on being Black (I’m also disabled, impoverished, single parent, queer, intersex, noetisexual, RA, kinky, and more):

A prerequisite for being my friend is that you can’t be precious about things that are really life-and-death issues for me. If you can’t deal with me talking honestly about racism, then we aren’t friends. And in my public role I’ve evolved on this. I only owe people as much good faith as they extend to me. Part of that good faith is Googling before you waste my time because you value me and my time.
My momma always said that until people asked the right question, they weren’t ready for the right answer. If you ask me a broad, unspecific, basic-ass question, then you aren’t ready for a serious answer from a serious person.

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