What It’s Really Like to Be Young, Black, and an African Tech Startup Entrepreneur (in Africa)
Wiza Jalakasi

This is something I never knew I was searching for. As a Black American, I’ve lost all of my roots. I’ve been cut off. It’s so hard to get decent information here about any Black person, our history, and we get next to nothing about Africa.

Thank you for sharing your journey. I’ve lived in Silicon Valley; I know these tech people out here. There is still a huge, ugly gap between those who are currently acknowledged for their creations.

I am glad you kept trying. We need more stories like yours.

Also, if you still are in need of an editor; I’d be delighted to serve as one. Additionally, I’d like to ask permission to pass this along to The Body is Not an Apology, one of several magazines I work for, as a potential crosspost?

Please do let me know.

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