I’ll visit the museum, same reason that I visited the Holocaust museum: I love history.
Rick Fischer

Yeah, let’s just completely ignore how the ghetto got to be the ghetto, why education is shit in the “inner city” and again blame Black people for their plight.

For your fucking information: up to half of all shootings are of disabled people. Trans women also make up a ridiculously high portion of that. And hm, guess what, they’re usually only the Black ones that are killed. Add in that many of these shootings are not in violent circumstances, the fact that they’re all extra-judicial, and the fact that white people who actually are being violent (or are responsible for way more actual illegal dealings and crime) are taken into custody and you can try to take your head out of your asses.

The police kill hundreds of times more US citizens in a year than any other country does over a much longer time period.

Kindly stfu until you do some more research.

The truth is that you all know it’s all bullshit. You just don’t care.

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