Hello , is this who I was?

Introducing myself is not something that I am used as a daily job, it’s been a long time since I was regular “hello there” person. I don’t know what happened , may be something got stolen or may be not. But I’m back to it again. So hello, here I am, this is me. A casual person who writes for nothing, or may be something, I’m not sure of it anymore. You know at times when someone crushes the muse inside you, and you feel lost in a desert of memories that doesn’t let you live , neither die. It’s a cold place to be, you need fire of love to warm yourself , but the bitter cold makes you feel alive. I’m sure everyone has been there, done that. I’m no speciality either. But have you ever felt alive again? The way you were, the feeling inside you, making you throb, beating your messy, squashed heart? May be yes, may be not. Did you sit down and quit, or did you pull it out and walked away?

I did. I really honestly forcibly did throw it on the street , in a gutter of past life and walked away. Until someone picked it up. And gave it back to me.

She washed it, nurtured it, stiched it, patched it, relived it, until it was free of curses. She kissed me back into life, she healed my amnesia, turned a beast back into human. She is the lullaby that puts a monster into sleep. After being in a forest for so long, the mist of unknown still hover over my head from time to time , but thankfully the beauty saved the beast.

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