July 17

Oxford, MS This was my first visit to the much talked about town where William Faulkner recreated the American novel and where James Meredith courageously entered the University of Mississippi as the first black student to the dismay of the old south and the triumphant shout of a new day of hope. Oxford is also the place where my dear friend Gray is preparing for a lifetime of work to change the landscape of education in his beloved state. Gray will likely end up as mayor. He loves this town and is already a member of the board of tourism. Eden is a talented artist and a deep well of kindness. Gray and Eden just had their first son, Vee, who is the fifth generation to carry his name; hence the moniker. It was great to celebrate their new season together.

Growing and Waiting In late March I put a bunch of seeds and small plants in this wooden garden box I built(my brother calls it a hipster garden and says I am growing the most expensive produce on the block. Unfortunately true.) I’ve got three tomato varieties: genuwine, beefmaster, and sweet 100’s, which are cherry tomatoes. I’m also growing carrots, okra, basil, cilantro, and Yukon Gold potatoes. Growing stuff is a lesson in waiting. As Katherine and I wait for a call from our adoption agency that will change our life, this has been a great way to embody that time. I’ve also come to really dislike squirrels. They wait until your juicy tomatoes are almost ripe, take one bite, and leave your dashed hope lying in the dirt to compound the shame. By the sweat of your brow…

Passion I released this album in October 2014 and was very pleasantly surprised to find out that it had been picked to be Drew Holcomb’s album of the month this month for his Magnolia Record Club vinyl subscription service! This has been a season where both Katherine and I are feeling the tension between chasing our passions and feeling the responsibility(ever growing) of just being adults. I’m writing a couple of days a week and still yearning to make more music. Katherine has felt that tension in choosing between two job opportunities; one with great benefits, people and schedule, but lacking in passion while feeling the need to say no to the wilder, more unpredictable, but full of mission job she was exploring. We want to be people living with mission, but with house, cars, food, bills, saving, pleasing clients, etc. it’s tough to figure out how to navigate the days. Soon we will be enveloped in the passion of parenting and we couldn’t be more excited.

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