A Black Man’s Guide To Rape Culture: A Syllabus

What is Rape Culture? What is misogynoir? What if Daniel Holtzclaw was black? Why are white women and black feminists out to “get” Nate Parker?

These are some of the questions I’ve seen in social spaces from black men who could be curious about the answers to those questions. While there are many others who would rather keep thier patriarchal blinders on, this post isn’t for them. I’ve curated a number of posts from professors, survivors, authors, and educators that can be helpful to those reading this and want to learn.

Still dont understand rape culture? Here’s an infographic from 11 Principle Consent:

This list of links will grow and it isn’t perfect but it is a start:

Rape Culture in the Black Community & How it Affects Black Women and Girls http://bit.ly/2bBpJvr via delafro

Reflecting Upon Nate Parker & Deconstructing Rape Myths https://t.co/y3UGrpmiLX By Aishah Simmons

Why Black Men Still Need to Watch ‘The Birth of A Nation’ http://bit.ly/2bK7C6e By Ahmad Greene-Hayes

How 'The Birth of a Nation' Dishonors Rosa Parks and Black Female Activists http://bit.ly/2dFGHe4 by Danielle Mcguire

Brother To Brother: An Open Letter To Nate Parker https://t.co/7l3PZMiWi5 By Ibram X. Kendi

The Importance of Teaching Our Sons Not to Rape https://t.co/o6ElJgQcSK by Josie Pickens

When Online Harassment is Cross-Platform, There’s Nowhere to Turn http://bit.ly/2cnaN5w by Feminista Jones

The Complexity Of Consent: Why We’re Allowed To Be Critical Of Nate Parker’s Acquittal: https://t.co/GPoNUhyZEA by April Reign

Cliff-Hanger: Can 'The Cosby Show' Survive? Should It? http://bit.ly/2bBqvsc By Goldie Taylor

Letter to a Young Man http://bit.ly/2c6XnIb by Kevin Powell

Wagatwe Wanjuki wants justice for sexual-assault survivors, but she also wants an apology https://t.co/0RqBuFa8w

When the homies wanna hit http://bit.ly/2bpPBxn By Jenn M. Jackson

Black Men and Patriarchy, Intraracial Sexism and Misogynoir http://bit.ly/2bZaHCH via Gradient Lair

Stop Excusing Black Men’s Violence — Like Nate Parker’s — for the Sake of Black Liberation http://bit.ly/2bNyySt By Ashleigh Shackelford

You Want To ‘Protect’ Women In Bathrooms. What About From Actual Rapists http://bit.ly/2bNxSN5 by Alise Chaffins

DEAR BLACK MEN: You Are Not Pro-Black If You Are Not Pro Black Womenhttp://bit.ly/2e7rnYf by Daniel Johnson

Room for Debate: We Have Had to Defend Ourselves Against Online Threats http://bit.ly/2cuQmRl

Best Coast Says Chris Brown’s "Back to Sleep" Is "Trash" That "Perpetuates Rape Culture http://bit.ly/2cuhJLo by Evan Minsker

Tyra and the Cheesecake: Making Space for Black Girl Anger “Tyra and the Cheesecake: Making Space for Black Girl Anger” http://bit.ly/2d9DtMt by deria.

Sexual Violence Hotlines: Resources For Survivors http://bit.ly/2jlWpj4 via @_Rickii_

So You’ve Sexually Harassed Or Abused Someone: What Now? http://bit.ly/2jzdiH3 by Ijeoma Oluo

Only with Consent http://bit.ly/2jpGQqB

R. Kelly and the Cost of Black Protectionism http://bit.ly/2VNolve by Jemele Hill

The Flawed Logic of R. Kelly’s Most Unlikely Supporters http://bit.ly/2VIVnwt by Saida Grundy

Black Men Should Care About Survivors, No Matter How Many White Men Are Accused http://bit.ly/2QK55uy by Preston Mitchum

“Surviving R. Kelly” in context: Insights from the history of black girlhood http://bit.ly/2QszYnh

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