A Black Men’s Guide To Domestic And Intimate Partner Violence: A Syllabus

When I created the Black Men’s Guide to Rape Culture Syllabus I had every intention to create this follow up. Clearly with or without the syllabus some black men are using white supremacist tools to browbeat black women daily negating that they are the second highest cause of black women’s deaths via Domestic and intimate partner violence (DV/IPV).

I can’t quite tell if they want to be corrected or if they want to stay stuck in thier bubble of misogynoir. Regardless for those that want to see statistics of communal domestic violence? Start here:

When Men Murder Women: An Analysis of 2000 Homicide Data Section Two: Black Women http://bit.ly/2qFUZPe

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in the African American Community http://bit.ly/2hSfMum via The Institute On Domestic Violence In The African-American Community

12 Black Women Who Were Killed For Saying 'No’ http://bit.ly/2hS6YnW By Rachaell Davis

For Black Women, Domestic Violence and State Violence Go Hand in Hand http://bit.ly/2hS7sdK By Tasasha Henderson

Black Men: The Face of Domestic Violence http://bit.ly/2hSgqrr By brothawolf

Why Black Women Struggle More With Domestic Violence http://ti.me/2hSbaUP by Feminista Jones

Terrence Howard Reveals Domestic Violence: Do Black Men Support Black Women? http://bit.ly/2hShM5H By Kui Mwai

Black Women Face a Greater Risk of Domestic Violence http://bit.ly/2hScZRV By Josh Sugarmann

Murders Of Black Women At The Hands Of Domestic Partners With Guns Reportedly On The Rise http://bit.ly/2hSmS1G via Clutch Magazine

Black Domestic Violence Survivors Are Criminalized From All Directions http://bit.ly/2hSidNr by Tasasha Henderson

Black Women and Black Lives Matter: Fighting Police Misconduct in Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Cases via http://bit.ly/2hSoSas ACLU National

Domestic Violence among African Americans http://bit.ly/2hSe9wq

What Black Women Want You to Know about Domestic Violence http://bit.ly/2hSo7Oz By Kristin Paruginog

And again toppling hyper-masculinity and misogynoir starts when black men recognize we are causing harm.