Here she comes. (Ai Sales hacks)

Roughly 16 months ago I received an email from Jay Melone at New Haircut, I’ve known Jay for a bit and we get together from time to time. This email was different. It said:

Hi Neal, Looks like it’s time for us to get together again and catch up. Amy is cc’d to help us schedule a call.

A little while later, I received an email from Amy Ingram. Amy provided three times that Jay was available for a call and after some back and forth, I received an invite on my calendar. Cool!

I immediately went to the folks at and signed up for a waitlist and after a few shoutouts on Twitter and some elbow grease on my end, I received an email and an introduction to my very own Artificial Intelligence scheduling assistant. Amy. (or Andrew).

I’ve had Amy and her preferences for awhile now and as a sales and marketing practitioner, I can say that Amy is the most undervalued sales and marketing tool there is on the market, And that reason is simply SCALE.

Scale is one of the hardest words for sales people to want to achieve in my opinion. Sales people are naturally driven by their book of business and the value they personally add to the business and if what they are doing is scalable then there is a threat of where they now add value.

I tend to think about this a little differently. I always put myself in the shoes of the founder and scale is the most important thing to me. My personal rule is that if I need to complete the same task 10x in one day then I need to find a way to automate it.

Now let’s get back to Amy and her sales skills.

Let’s say that I build and launch an email marketing campaign on a Tuesday (never send them on Monday) to 1000 people. I get a 20% open rate (200 people), and of those 200 people, 20% of them respond back to the email. (basic email metrics).

That’s 20 meetings that will either be scheduled, moved, cancelled, rescheduled, etc — Everyone loves that cancellation notice for that prospect we have been asking for weeks…right?

But with Amy in my sales stack I can prioritize the engagements for what is time sensitive and for the rest of the responses I can send them a quick reply:

Thanks for the response. I’m looking forward to learning more about your firm. Amy is cc’d to schedule a call as soon as we can arrange.

And POOF. magic happens. All the meetings will be scheduled, Amy will tell me if I double book, and or ask if it’s ok to move things around. It’s brilliant. It’s obvious to see that Dennis Mortenson and the team of have been working very hard and it’s going to pay off.

Some of the scenarios that have unfolded since hiring Amy:

  • A client sent Amy a christmas card
  • A client invited Amy to the company christmas party
  • I always say thank you to Amy when I get an email

It’s been great to be part of Amy’s beta and it’s even more exciting to hear the news that Amy will very soon be available for everyone.

You can learn more about Amy @