The Free Market Doesn’t Care If You Live or Die
Paul Constant

I know several people who have children that must have an Epipen at the ready or potentially die. They depend on the school having extra’s if the one they sent for their child fails. They are not wealthy, they have higher medical cost because their child has severe allergic reactions to certain things and the associated medical issues that accompany that kind of health problem. What if the parent with the health insurance gets laid off? $57 they could manage out of pocket. Probably not $600 or $700. But they will find the money and sacrifice elsewhere to keep their child alive.

To the CEO of Mylan, $2 isn’t enough to live well? You really need $18 million? I don’t begrudge anyone wealth they have worked hard to accumulate, but at the risk of people’s lives and putting more financial burden who don’t make $2 million a year? They deserve to absorb the cost of the medication and do with less so you can have more? A lot more? $16 million more? Just sayin’…

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