Chas Rasper: 40 years?
Roger Blanchard

ah but Nick Matters doesn’t realize that reading what he has to say about science and peer review is like reading phishing scam emails that want you to reset you password. If you read carefully you see that it’s poorly written gibberish.

E.g.; no(!) science occurs in newspapers or popular magazines….global cooling was a fad in the popular press but not among the scientific/climate science community. Beaver Country Times??? You’re kidding. No doubt you haven’t ready 99% of the articles that you cut and pasted from somebody else’s list. Climate science is published in Science or Nature or the Proceedings of the AGU, etc. and never(!) in the popular press.

Of course he doesn’t know that (or anything else about this topic). He doesn’t know what a mathematical “proof” is either. Hey Nick…mathematicians are the ones who come up with mathematical proofs…that would be advanced study and research in MATH and not climate science.

Dopey without having a clue is you buddy.

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