I’m Angry At Facebook
Ericka Andersen

Erika, thank you your article.

I too am in the publishing business, for now at a much lower level than you, as a writer. I am an retired C suite executive and understand finance, economics and business. I am also Founder of a charity to introduce a new paradigm to encourage monetary liquidity and fund major projects by having people keep their money.

We have tried “targeted” FB ads and the results equate to $1 /View and multiple $/ Like on our book page. Unsustainable. Probably not as highly evolved as your honed content, both our posts and the book are exceptionally good. IS FB simply counting of new users who do not equate the return on investment for their targeted ad campaigns? Without being an expert, how can this be of service and sustainable?

Is this the Algorithm you are discussing?

One example would be a Blog I posted the day after the New York Times and multiple news media declared HRC the first woman candidate for President. 29 women in 36 elections set the record straight. As is now referenced HRC is the first woman candidate by a major party in a fundamentally two party system. Boosted with very low ROI.

My first novel has garnered 7 national and international awards.The pseudo autobiography is about the first woman nominated by a national party to run for President, Victoria Woodhull and the manipulation of the finance markets in the Gold Scandal of 1869.

Should be timely, right? It is indie published. I assumed (always a dangerous undertaking) we were just too small to be effective on FB. I could not grasp why a Post on our FB Book page does not reach everyone who has Liked the page.

Finally, do you do independent consulting? We could use your help. We are about to publish the second of 4 volumes. SCANDALOUS.

I do feel that FB is failing in the supposed intention of creating a level playing field. It seems ti me the algorithms prevent the purpose.

Again, as stated paramount, thank you for your article.

Neal Katz



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