Reason, Season, or Lifetime? Lifetime All The Way!!!

The importance of long lasting friendships

I’ve always heard that people come into your life for one of three reasons, “Either a reason, a season, or a lifetime.” I’ve had my fair share of people come into my life for a reason and for a season. But lifetime is where it’s at. When you all can look back at the years you’ve shared together, that’s a beautiful thing. I’ve thought a lot about this because one of the greatest assets I’ve had in my life is surrounding myself with some great people. That’s my number one strength that throughout my life, great people have always been around me. People that will always celebrate your victories and elevate you to a higher level. But more importantly, be there to experience life’s hardest moments. Each one of these people are amazing in their own right, and have filled my life with so many great memories and moments. My piece of advice is very simple. When you surround yourself with great people, life is made that much better. Never take those people for granted, because they are the ones that are worth battling for.

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