Dr. Neal R. Emad Outlines the Cost of Dental Healthcare

Nearly all of us will need dental care at some point, with most people needing it more than once. However, few people have taken the time to comprehend the cost of dental care and the insurance plans available for dental treatments. According to Virginia dentist, Dr. Neal R. Emad, nearly a third of Americans do not have dental insurance coverage.

Check-Ups. The costs billed on check-ups vary depending on the procedures involved and the doctor. In most cases a check-up involves exam, cleaning and x-rays, with the average cost tallying in at $280.

Fillings. Most fillings tend to provide a firmer and more comprehensive care than basic dental check-ups. The costs range from $50-$150 for a single, silver amalgam filling, $90-$250 for a single tooth-colored composite filling and $250-$4,500 for a single porcelain filling.

Tooth Extractions. Extractions are usually classified as either surgical or non-surgical. The average cost for a non-surgical extraction is between $74-$300, while surgical extractions requiring anaesthesia run $150-$650. Complicated surgical extractions are about $185-$600, while wisdom teeth extraction total $75-$200.

Crowns. While fillings protect internal tooth tissues, crowns protect the outer parts. It is usually recommended after a root canal in which the crown is hinged to the base material. A single resin crown costs about $328, porcelain-fused crowns run about $821 while a full-cast high noble metal crown is about $780.

Root Canals. Root canals are usually administered on badly broken or damaged teeth. Single exposed root removal is about $120 and removal of a single residual root is about $185.

Other Charges. Tooth bleaching costs about $100 dollars, an x-ray is about $60. Plaque removal averages $150, while fluoride treatment will set you back $35. “Regarding the more complex procedures, braces are about $5,500, while full-mouth reconstructive implants run between $25,000 and $100,000 depending on the extent of the damage”, explains says Dr. Neal R. Emad.

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