On Climate Change
Dan Esposito

Hi Dan,

As a classically trained engineer with a very environmentally conscious upbringing, I find resonance in many of the points you bring up in your article. I do worry, however, about whether or not Hillary and her most influential supporters truly do care about this issue.

How can we, as a small minority of the American people, make our voices heard when the vast majority of the country sees the issue a secondary or tertiary? It pains me that climate change and the environment was brought up only once during any of the primary debates and once so far during the presidential debates (It could’ve been more than once in the primaries… I didn’t watch them all). Even when brought up this past Sunday, both candidates quickly changed the subject with their answers.

I worry that Hillary simply preached environmental responsibility to win over former Sanders supporters, but since has looked to more “relevant” topics. I don’t really know what kind of answer I am looking for from you. I am mostly venting with the hope that you can alleviate some of my concerns by showing me some concrete ideas and plans that our future president (all but certain to be Hillary) has.

Thank you,