Prepping for Guest #13

Just completed another long day. Work til 6, ate dinner and got to the Apartment by 8. It’s now 11 and I’m finally sitting down for a break.

Good news is the last guest was a young couple for a short 2 night stay and they left the place looking great. Just needed to wipe down surfaces, vacuum, and change the bedding. No real deep cleaning this time.

I decided to install a shampoo and body wash dispenser I bought off Amazon ( Cost 17.95, but it looks really nice and adds a lot to the space. I still haven’t gotten around to installing the curtains. These minor details are super important and I shouldn’t be putting it off. The curtains were inexpensive from IKEA. I think $15 or so each. Total of 4 windows, so a low cost way to really make the unit look nice.

Second thing I did this time around was something I think I’ll continue. I had a couple stay with me recently and the absolute worst thing I can think of, short of an actual emergency, happened. The hot water went out. The text I received asking me why there was no hot water was like hearing “We need to talk” in high school. My heart sank and the color drained from my face. I called the maintenance area and they assured me they were working on fixing the issue by days end. Still, the only thing I could think of was how something completely out of my control was going to absolutely blow me apart.

I apologized as much as I could and anxiously finished up my work day. It was the my guests last evening together in the apartment, so I didn’t have much time to make up for the mishap. I picked up a massive piece of strawberry cheesecake from a nearby bakery, as well as a bottle of champagne (Doubt these things go well together but I was pulling out all the stops). I left the items at the base of the door and texted that I had left them a gift to say thank you for staying with me.

They absolutely loved it... I was saved.

I came to realize, things are going to go wrong. There are things out of my control that I’ll have to deal with. The one thing I can do and put all my effort in the things that I can control. I want to continue doing these small acts of kindness for my guests. Hopefully that will be the determining factor between a 4-star and 5-star review or allow a guest to overlook a small issue they wouldn’t have otherwise.

I have a group of 6 girls staying this weekend. I left two bottles of champagne in the fridge. It’s a small gesture, but hopefully will put a smile on their faces and let them know I want them to have a great time.

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