(mantra for merchandise)

since we are skimming surfaces, allow

me to remind you

an emptied heart has concern for all creatures

between raindrops drops a royal card:


cash in any and all tickets at the counter

I miss you too

a line forms. as security agent, your rôle is to assure that no human debris or litter of stray cats enters the club

a yellow Volvo waits patiently in Ikea parking lot

in 1980, disco revolution was recent memory, Queen bit the dust

an industrious chemist invents fish sticks

anonymous farmer grafts bunker crop of nectarines

a grateful public awaits expanded and improved produce department

to ancient strains of disco hits past.

ladies and gentlefolk of the jury, may I present evidence (to you, in the form of a shoe)

an anagram: satin stain,

a peaceful song by Kermit the Frog,

photograph of vehicle parked outside Swedish furniture retailer,


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