spots of light between shadows

here, next to a rose bush, bright green caterpillar

grandmother singing impromptu songs about bubbles while sitting on a picnic bench

the smell of formaldehyde and chlorine

anxiety and fear after missing the bus

two teachers play guitars, two gym teachers dress in red sweatsuits

there is company downstairs, be quiet

vacuum cleaner sounds

Evita soundtrack, The Carpenters Greatest Hits, side two of Back In Black, erased tape recording of your sibling, cousins talking about school and Doonesbury cartoons

listening to her stereo

older boys who steal bikes, swear, and skip school. wet pantlegs after walking through dew and in the ditch

a wagon, grass clippings strewn across sidewalks

candy cigarettes. wax lips

dancing through sprinklers, droplets glistening

both mulberry trees and crabapples

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