9 Tips for Indian Freelance Professionals & Local Service Providers to Get Hired Locally

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In the past recent years,freelancing has emerged as an ultimate option for work among Indian Youngsters & Solopreneurs . Skilled professionals can easily work from anywhere with the help of internet connected computer machine (sometimes xG powered smartphone). Here are few important (if only you are freelance )tips that will find the way for freelance contracts easily.

Freelancing is not only short term contract !

Freelancing ≠ Small

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Freelance doesn’t mean to work on temporary basis. It needs long term vision. If you are focused to work properly there are several opportunities to explore yourself as a freelancer. Initially, there are plenty of small businesses & startups hire freelancers for short term projects . Dedication , loyalty & expertise needed to transform short terms contract into long term business deal .

Invest your time to grow your social media and business networking

Do Not Ignore Linkedin !

Well this is one of the most important strategies to set up a favorable atmosphere to explore your skills. Social media is undoubtedly a giant mode of communication in contemporary era; it has widened the region of network & business communications. Engage in various social network platform like LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook etc will make a splendid gateway for the enhancement of your skills though the enormous communication network in society and the internet.

Promote your work locally

Internet is here, It’s mean not that local clients do not exist.


There is one proverb in English “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, it means that everything needs a time and planning to set up its origination. Suppose, you need a doctor for your health issue, you will definitely search a local doctor for your convenience, and then you will proceed to another place. Same thing should be applied if you are up to set up your work as freelance professional & targeting local clients . Take little step, start promote yourself locally and when you are able to get enough lead then try to explore next level.

Be confident while interacting with recruiters/employers

Yes! You can Dude!

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It is very decisive to contact the recruiters with right frame of mind. Approach them with your skilled profession in order to manage the further project work. Be confident & clear about your terms, conditions and wages that will help you setup your project planning. Before applying make sure enough to fulfill the commitments in between you & recruiters. The prior commitments and conditions will help you to have assurance of continuous work flow without disruption in terms of charges and other provided facilities.

Appropriate documentation

Do it Like Pro

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You need to have proper documentation of work project planning. The documentation will easily mark a good impression on your clients. It will display that how enthusiastic & dedicated you are to work with the employer. As accurate planning and management influences several startup, and they get interest to work with you.

Highlight your skills


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Always highlight all your skills when you are registering in freelance portal website or mobile app. It will specify your requirements & suitable job providers will contact you easily on the basis of your skills and talent.

Analyze the market trends and upcoming market tactics

Good Analyst is also a Good Businessman

Observe and analyze what is the trend to exist in market. A market research is very must if you are up to get work from online platforms . Look what others competitors are doing, what are the prices. Always remember one thing for a recruiter or service provider’s the quality of your work comes very first, then price is secondary step. Companies are happy to indulge with those professionals who have gained a great reputation through excellent work; they will pay you more if you’re skilled enough to meet their requirements.

Set up your deadlines

Deadlines will Save Your Ass

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Not just for company purpose but you should also set a deadline to accomplish your project. It will definitely boost up your mind to complete your work in a specific time frame that will not only make you feel good but it is also a good for your professional commitments.

There are thousands of professionals and freelancers are like you in the market, but what makes you different from others is your insight approach and work strategy.

Be an early adopter of newly launched freelance portals ,websites & apps

Come First — Win First

There are several benefits of being early user of newly launched freelance jobs related portals or startups -

  • Startups think “Early Adopters Are good for them”
  • Few App Startups believes in perks for an early adopter
  • Increases the probability of being first user of such platforms & you could be famous if brand makes good name in future
  • We are launching a platform for local freelance professionals & employers — NearBuz — Check & signup for early access of our app .

About NearBuz

NearBuz is dream project of IISGL. NearBuz is an innovative Mobile and website app that creates infinite jobs opportunities to the professionals & freelancer.


NearBuz : local freelance hiring app has been launched . Available at google play store — find and hire freelancers

Nearbuz: local freelance professional hiring android app Screenshots

Words from Lavanaya Viswanatham [Woman Entrepreneur & NearBuz Founder ]

We are developing NearBuz app to create unlimited local jobs opportunities for freelance professionals / local service providers, college students.

NearBuz App Features –

1. Hire skilled or unskilled professionals, students, skilled housewives, MNC employees for Part Time or Full time.

2. Employers can post job / task requirement directly from your android phone.

3. Find nearby job/task posters with map search feature

4. College students can earn money by doing some short duration tasks like teaching guitar, tutoring skills, doing web development tasks in your extra time etc.

5. Check who is active job worker in your area

6. Filter categories according to your requirements and find suitable job or task doers.

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