Mission: Get approval to go to NodeConf.EU

We don’t have to sell you on the idea of going to NodeConf.EU, but we suspect you may need to ask your manager. For some of you, this will be no problem. For the rest of you, we thought we’d give you a little help.

As such, we have prepared a stock letter that will convince even the most cantankerous of bosses. We’ve kept it to just the key benefits. We want you at the event, so it’s the least we can do!

Feel free to amend and tweak as you wish or just copy and paste it. Please remember to edit the first and last lines :-) Let’s not look silly!

— — — -

Dear {Insert Your Boss’s Name},

I wish to attend NodeConf.EU. It is the key Node.JS event in Europe. It takes place in Kilkenny, Ireland. Kilkenny is the neighbour of Waterford — the world’s new Node.js centre of excellence.

It runs from Sunday 16th to Thursday 20th October.

I will get to hear from 30 speakers. These are hand picked based on their contribution and level of innovation within the Node.JS community.

NodeConf.EU has 3 key goals:

  1. Deliver the highest quality talks
  2. …and the most relevant and useful workshops
  3. Provide a very friendly and collegiate atmosphere

I will benefit from attending this event, but so will our company. I am happy to produce a post conference report and present it to other members of the team.

Some of the benefits for our team:

  • Key sessions include: Performance profiling for V8, Node.js releases, how they work?, Benchmarking Node.js with statistics, Optimising Node.js applications, Zero risk microservices & The Asynchronous Enterprise — Building complex systems at scale with NodeJS and events.
  • Node.js is quickly becoming the go to tech for enterprise. It can be used to build robotics or mobile apps, and almost every single big named company is using it, including Netflix, WalMart, IBM and Paypal.
  • The sessions will help me to develop my skills with Node.js, but also help me learn how best to adopt the technology into our business. This will lead to fast release times and a more unified IT team.

Tickets are €550 each. I assure you it will pay for itself many times over. Our company deserves to be represented and I think I’m the person for job!

Best Wishes,

{Your Name}

— — — -

We kept it short and sweet. We hope that helps. Thanks for being part of this incredible community. See you on the 16th October!

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