NearForm Monthly Digest November 2018

Below you can find NearForm’s most recent blog posts, tutorials and updates!

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Wormholes in JavaScript

How to make things go faster by understanding how computers work! Read the full post here.

The world is a dangerous place, which is why you need Joi data validation

If you have been programming long enough, you know all too well that you can never trust external data. The first thing you will want to do is validate that data before it gets too deep into your program. Read the full post here.

Building Docker images in Go

For the NearForm Node.js Docker distribution we we wanted to add some flexibility to our build process in order to be quicker to respond to changes in the ecosystem. Read the full post here.

How to run a Public Docker Registry in Kubernetes

Sometimes your business requires you to have full control over the Docker registry and doesn’t want to use a third-party solution. Read the full post here.

Getting into open source for the first time

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Open source is both thrilling and mostly a joy to do. Using the information in this post it should be easy, with some practice, to get working on some cool and interesting projects. Read the full post here.

Sharing structs between JavaScript and native code

Make it easier to write native add-ons in Node.js using structs. Read the full post here.

WebAssembly Cephes — Mathematical special functions in JavaScript

Using Emscripten to compile a WebAssembly version of Cephes, we finally have a fast and correct implementation of most mathematical special functions. Read the full post here.

DevOps: 7 Reasons to Automate Security in your Pipelines

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Learn why you need to embed security into your DevOps practices. Bring security into modern app dev process earlier with DevSecOps. Read the full post here.

The Five Ws of Product Design in Modern Application Development

Find out the what, who, why, where and when of product design in order to build successful digital products. Read the full post here.

Migrating from CircleCI to Azure DevOps Pipelines

Recently when we migrated the CI/CD pipeline for a client’s application to Azure DevOps pipeline we were pleasantly surprised. Read the full post here.

The NodeConf EU 2018 Digital Badge is here and it’s fabulous

Pic credit: Nico Kaiser

If you were at NodeConf EU 2017, you know just how blown away everyone was by the digital badge we created. Powered by the Espruino JavaScript interpreter and full of Bluetooth goodness, it really made a mark. This year we figured we could do even better. Read the full post here.

NodeConf.EU 2018 App now available for conference attendees!

This year we are really excited to launch the NodeConf EU App! We put together a Progressive Web App (PWA) to enhance the NodeConf.EU conference attendance experience. Read more about it here.

Static Analysis of Docker image vulnerabilities with Clair

What is Clair? What are its components, and how the static analysis of vulnerabilities works without using any third-party client? Read more about it here.

Writing reusable Terraform modules

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Writing reusable terraform modules to facilitate code reuse across your infrastructure. Read the full post here.

Protecting Node.js from uncontrolled resource consumption headers attacks

Node.js just got more secure with its last security release fixing several CVEs around resource consumption. Read the full post here.

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