The birth of my child opened up my latent spiritual abilities.

Until then, I had lived a life without thinking of the existence of spirituality, how the soul and its connection with the universe. At first, I struggled to understand what I was seeing and experiencing. But over time, I began to accept scientifically unexplainable events happens to me. Soon I realized that many of the problems in my life had deep meanings.

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I am a Third-generation Koreans-Japanese, who has suffered from the disappearance of my father in early age, financial debt, domestic violence, the tendency of depression in my family member, and my sister became disabled as a result of a car accident. All these what it seems a negative impact in life was already written and followed my blueprint of my soul prior to birth. …

It all started in April 2017.

The first Chiisai Matsuri was held in Chiba Prefecture.

There was a memorial cenotaph in the park where the event took place.

It was a stone monument to mourn those who died in World War II.

There were many people who died in air raids in the area where the venue was located.

It was also the site of the Kamikaze Suicide Squad’s home base, Mobara Airfield.

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Kamikaze Suicide

The form of the festival we are aiming for is a “Prayer for the Whole Creation” which connected to the Jomon period. …

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The world view of the Earth family is that people who live on this earth are all connected as one family.
It is a cosmic point of view, watching the earth from outer space.

When you look at the earth from afar, the earth is the beautiful planet covered with the ocean, and you can’t see any border, no segregation of race or social status.
The earth endures and nurtures all things within this cosmic world view.

When did we start to possess it?

When did we declare a battle for it?

When did we begin to destroy it?

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Shifting your perspective on the universe overview, you will realize that these negative actions on the earth have the same impact as harming yourself. …

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