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The Triune Virtual Campus at Salvington offers an open and free learning environment, and a tuition-based educational discipleship with the Universe Sovereign Michael of Nebadon...

spiritus invictus

1. City Of Michael
Infinite Light
lux infiniti

2. Global Village Planetary Retreat of 
Michael Of Nebadon
Absolute Love of Source
absolutum charitas ab origine

3. University Of Salvington
Eternal Life
vitae aeterna

The Global Village Planetary Retreat Of Michael Of Nebadon offers a supportive, safe and loving educational campus.

Our Private Worldwide Spiritual Retreat is accessible online from your home.

A Monthly Tuition which is Affordable for all Students who sincerely desire to become a direct apostle of Michael Of Nebadon who comes to give luminous clarity to his Gospel teachings of the 1st Century, and now his 21st Century Bestowal Mission Gospel Revelations for Individual growth and the advancing soul receptivity of humanity. …

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This Paradise spirit that indwells the minds of the mortals of time and there fosters the evolution of the immortal soul of the surviving creature is of the nature and divinity of the Universal Father. But the minds of such evolutionary creatures originate in the local universes and must gain divine perfection by achieving those experiential transformations of spiritual attainment which are the inevitable result of a creature’s choosing to do the will of the Father in heaven.

Michael Of Nebadon

The Revelatory Papers of Urantia

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Christ Michael’s Message to New Aspirants of His Revelations for the 21st Century

Triune Epochal Religious Spirituality to enter into the New and Ascendant Order of Humanity

My 21st Century Bestowal Mission to the Earth holds the Trinity Objective, Impulse, and Intention, as well as the Sevenfold Epochal Revelation for Life.

I am come to enhance all vestments and values and meanings and humanly qualified interpretations so that individuals may live the virtuous life, to ennoble all inherent drives and purposes, impulses and motivations, inclinations and tendencies, to eternalize all receptively qualified minds, hearts, and personalities into the divine destiny and eternal fulfillment. …

Michael Of Nebadon

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