Absoluteness Of Ascendancy

To grow into the soul personality which can receive of the Absoluteness of Truth .. you must develop those similar values to Eternity.

The Infinite and Eternal Deity seeks to stimulate every creature into their own understanding. To ignite each personality mind body into its seeking for Objectivity and Absolute Attainment into Love.

I teach you of religious relationship which opens you to have this directly personal connection with the living spiritual forces of Infinity. True connection with God is grown one day at a time as you enter into this giving and receiving with the Universal Spirit .. a portion of which lives within you.

Remembrance in each moment will raise you Godward as you open to him, and as you direct yourself into this continuous improvement of giving and receiving with the Spirit of God. Always will relationship with the Infinite Persons of Infinity bring forth spiritual fruit giving to you happiness and harmony.

I instruct you in the enhancement of meanings and purposes .. interpretations of living your life in accordance with the Will of the Parenthood of God. As your intellectual mind recognizes the imminent presence of God's Life in you, so will you seek him .. discovering his nature to be goodness .. truth .. beauty .. and ultimate mercy.

The Parental Source is a mercy-dominated God who yearns for your participation with Him. He .. She .. desires that you willingly approach closer to him.

As you feel this indwelling poverty of spirit .. this inner need for something greater .. and as you gain momentum in your realizations of the Great Selfhood .. so will you desire to know God .. and be just like him. Your wholehearted willingness to collaborate with the Universal Father Mother Source .. the Originating Son of Righteousness .. and the Infinite Spirit .. your sense of purpose will become brighter .. more luminous and clear.

And it is your faith trust willingness to concentrate and cooperate which prepares the way home to the Paradise Spirit of Life in you.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

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