Advancing from Seeker to Aspirant into Our Sovereign Discipleship Together

I say to those aspirants who desire inordinately and unwaveringly .. enter thine avenue leading into immortality in the Father's Initiatory Life .. His Immaculate Thought .. and His Everlasting Kingdom of Sovereignty and Supremacy.

Come and follow Me. Enter into Mine tenets .. Mine precepts of love and merciful forgiveness.

Take My Hand Universal .. compete not with Me nor shall ye avoid our fellowship communion together.

Contemplate the Cardinal Virtues of Nebadonia the Mother Spirit. None come to Me yet those who walk with the Universe Mother Spirit and her Cardinal Virtues of Righteousness and Rectitude .. Respect and Responsibility. These are the necessary prerequisites of our Sovereign Discipleship.

Eternal Virtues of Nebadonia the Mother Spirit are Worship and Wisdom .. Courage and Counsel .. Knowledge and Understanding .. Godly Intuition.

Contemplate. Deepen. Realize and rectify all thine character into Our virtuous alignment. Hence .. only then .. shall ye become worthy in character and attitude .. receptivity and relationship .. responsibility and righteousness .. to walk within the pastures of My Discipleship with you.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

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