Our Apostleship Of Ascendancy and Immortality

The Universal Father hath sent Me into this world to reorganize the chaos and to resuscitate the rebelliousness caused by disruptions in My Administration.

Many now are coming forth to receive of Me .. these candidates for our Apostleship Of Ascendancy have been choosing righteousness over rebelliousness .. rectitude and revelation over the mind of materiality.

Those who have chosen fully to receive Me .. I will give to each My strength of faith trust conviction that shall propel them forward into their advancement of love and the spirit attainment necessary to establish themselves in the Kingdom of their own Immortality at one with their Individualized God Life.

I pour out My spirit upon all flesh, and all men who have wisely chosen to receive this new Spirit Teacher that I AM .. these ones will become guided and consoled in their personality soul.

As ye receive of Me .. so shall ye be enlightened in thine understanding knowledge, cleansed of thine lifetimes of misqualified errors and sorrowful mistakes, and comforted in our eternal association together.

Ye shall know of My imminency surrounding you and My immediacy with you at all times...

And My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter shall become in these apostles as a Living Fountainhead of the Waters of God's Life .. an everlasting spring refreshing themselves and revivifying all their determination to become resurrected, and My waters of Comfort shall ignite the purest of desires for Truth, Goodness, and Beauty to taketh root within thine personality soul.

For I AM the Universal Vine of God Potence for this universe .. I AM the Father Son Personified and made accessible to you .. and these things which I reveal unto thee are merely the initiating foam of merciful compassion which sits atop the revelations of your readiness .. the realizations which ye shall bring forth for entrance unto eternal life everlasting.

Verily I say to those personalities who are humbled and humiliated sufficiently by their vulnerability .. made worthy by their transparency .. to partake of My Universal Administration and its offering .. ye are to prepare thyselves for advancement through the precepts of My Approach of Prayerful Intimacy with thine Individualized God Identity .. thine Godhood and Its Stream of Individualized Life .. and thine God Impulse and Higher Will and Agenda .. which resides immediately in thy very midst.

Michael Of Nebadon

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