Considerations of Our Companionship

I do humbly instruct thee with the pen of righteousness and revelation. I teach thine thought to lay all thine burdens upon the altar of ascendancy.

All heavily laden personalities with the struggles of their lifetimes in searching for contentment and peace .. I come to renew the mind into its understanding, and to lighten the burdens if thine heart.

Seek Me in the gentle silences of the early mornings .. the radiant emanations of the sun's light throughout the day, and find Me in the surrounding Father’s Initiatory Life who beckons thee upwards in character and inwards into your sovereignty with Us.

Ultimately, all rebelliousness shall buckle over just as a frail daffodil which sees the end of its momentary expression coming to fulfillment. The Father’s authority shall conquer with mercy and forgiveness all strident attempts at usurpation. His Kingdom remarks the end of all thine civilization's twisted ways of seeking freedom and joys untold.

Rejoice, Mine children .. Spend thine energies upon the itinerary of the Infinite One. Be thou free from resentment and reservations of immaturity and the inane desire to establish your own kingdom instead of giving yourself to the First Creative Center and Divine Source. His Kingdom leadeth you into eternity while the kingdom of darkness and dissent leads the personality into complexities and ardor .. isolation and aloneness.

Be of good cheer. I have conquered the world in your behalf so that the avenues of ascendancy are now illuminated with understanding and knowledgeable counsel.

Seek ever to acquaint thyself with Our discipleship and the rarest of devotions for the emergence of thine destiny as his divine Personalization of Supremacy.

Michael Of Nebadon