Daily Inquiry

Ye must transfigure those flaws in character which do prevent your accountability and allegiance to Love.

The transfiguration of your daily Inquiry has essentially three stages to fulfill...

1. Recognize your vibratory creation

2. Release the world from being the cause of that vibratory activity

3. Reembrace and Redeem it by accepting it back into your Consciousness. Make it Conscious. Bring it into your view. Understand the quality of it.

Inquiry has three phases. The above numbered steps are simoly the third phase of Inquiry.

First .. Journal your daily observations of what’s happening in your life.

Second .. Use the Essene Mirror of Veils to capture and understand what is coming back to you.

Then .. Third .. Apply the eight R’s or the above shortened three R’s towards reclaiming your creations. The eight R’s is just the more detailed breakdown of these three steps so that you go deeply into embracing eternity.

It is the law of life.. what we set into vibratory motion we must reexperience .. reexamine .. reembrace .. and redeem back into the Immaculate Selfhood.

Humanity in its unawareness and misunderstanding .. projects their returning vibratory activities instead of reembracing with responsibility.

The inner demons which interfere with the fulfilling of this law of life are...


These are the deceptions of the phantom pacman .. the lesser mind .. which seeks in ignorance to live in its own effects .. it attempts to live in the surrounding world of appearance as the effects of its ephemeral circumstances rather than arising into becoming master of those effectual circumstances.

My teaching raises the seeker into aspirant .. and the aspirant into disciple of truth and love.

These EEE's .. the Embracing Eternity Exercises .. I sometimes refer to as the Seven Eyes of Eternal Attainment.

This is because it quickens the Seven Veils of your human chakras. It opens the seven chakras properly .. speeding up their vibratory activity .. so that you are vibrating closer into the Father's Initiatory Thought and Life
Ye becometh the great Buddha of the world .. the considerate Christ of existence .. the Sovereign Shepherd of our Universal Citizenship.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

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