To the seekers of truth within this civilization, I continue to help you see there is a doorway, a purpose and an ideal to strive for and attain to. I show thee the door within thyself. Then as you maintain thine interest and pure desire to truly perceive the door and find it as well, I walk with you to stand in front of the doorway of thine own salvation.

As the seeker becomes closer to the door and holds his and her interest to enter therein, I open the door together with thee. Just a few inches do I open thine inner doorway with the Spirit of Truth I AM. The seeker then becomes aspirant capable of refinding the doorway and with time even opening the doorway for themselves.

As an aspirant in our developing fellowship and association, I hold the door open for you showing you how to keep it open for thyself by carrying through the doorway thine imperfections and misqualifications. The door within thee remain then open for you to enter as an aspirant who craves to enter by carrying the ‘cross’ of their misqualifications into illumination and freedom beyond all the struggles and pains and mistakes and confusing misunderstandings which they have managed to live within over hundreds of lifetimes.

And as the aspirant allows Me to hold open that door, and to help them carry through it their possessions by which they shall fuel their everlasting entrance, the aspirant becomes then, disciple of the Infinite One. This individual then, walks in the greater knowledge of the open door which none can shut within their own soul being.

Soon thereafter, the doorway begins to dissolve as the seeker, aspirant, disciple, and the Destination, all become immersed as One.

Michael Of Nebadon

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