God’s Order

Whoever subdues his egoism, conquers his selfish desires .. his or her unrighteousness in character. The apostle who destroys his misidentification with bodily urges and inclinations .. destroys his bestial feelings and reckless impulses .. she or he give up the unnatural tendency to regard the body as the self. This is allowing God’s Order and Harmony to reign supreme in their personal life.
Our Living Ideal fosters this Order in the life of the individual. Mine apostles understand that the completion of all lifetimes and the acme of all success is in becoming a candidate of this graduating initiation into universal immortality. It is the merging of the personality soul with physical body into the spirit of the Paradise Father.

Just as the wave returns eventually back to the ocean, so shall the individual personality find its roots .. its remembrance .. in the Totality, yet always shall the individual retain their personality uniqueness, yet shall it become matured into the fullness of its intended design and plan.

Michael Of Nebadon

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