His Bestowal Spirit Lives Above you

As ye love the Lord thine God .. then you must perceive Him everywhere as everything.

True humility is in the secret of this consciousness; so that you come to recognize that God's Presence is imminently everpresent as your fullest nature. Certainly, He dwells in Octaves of Light and Life which no mortal can access until they have evolved their vibratory activities into more of the Immaculate Selfhood. Yet .. always shall there be a greater depth of all-loving Goodness .. Truth .. and Beauty .. that can be reached for and accessed.

And as ye go beyond these primary mortal octaves of the earth .. wherein ye have been growing into His receptivity .. then shall you grow and develop and mature through service and selflessness as His Ascendancy .. His Personalization of Supremacy in the time and space creation.

All creatures and beings .. all animals .. every Kingdom of God and His Initiatory Life .. it is individually evolving upon its own evolutionary pathways.

Thine animal friends and loved ones have their own approach to God in them. For our Father is Unfathomable in His Generosity and Giving.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

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