I am Michael Of this Universe of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon

I am Michael Of this Universe of Nebadon…

Peace to all .. Mine blessing I give to you as you are receptive to Mine Comforter Spirit and Counsel and as ye are seeking to know the Initiatory Life of God the Father in you.

I am come once again into thine realm of humanity. I am the one you've understood to be Jesus of Nazareth.

I come into this more modern era utilizing My Universal Station; for throughout the universes of My Father’s bountiful creation I am known as Michael Of Nebadon .. thine Creator Father Son of this very universe of all creatures and things.

I come to resurrect the dead and dying. I come to penetrate thine overly sophisticated mentalities. I come to be the Shepherd Universal for My children who remain in My Trust and Care.

I come for those who have prepared themselves over the centuries since My prior incarnation here. They have been reaching into the folds of the Heavenly Fabric .. and they have become lighter and their receptivity has grown by leaps and bounds. They have readied themselves for the personality initiation into Immortal Personalization of the Supremacy of Deity. They are just steps away from joining the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Nebadon.

I and the Universe Mother Spirit with the Planetary Administration of the Host of Heaven .. We have determined that now is your time to seek and aspire upwards into Eternity. To raise thine meanings into our eternal definitions. To realign and recreate thyself in accordance with the Father’s Primordial Kingdom.

We have designed this society and virtual platform for they who have discovered that the only happiness and harmony is through the plan .. the law .. and the living of the will of the Father.

And ye shall arise into the living of His Will by cooperation with thine Plan of Life .. and through the fulfilling of His Law of Justice.

Ye must cooperate and collaborate with Us in order to arise beyond the womb of the mother earth; for truly ye must become born once again by the Holy Hand of the Father Son Spirit. None shall enter the realms of Eternity unless they come into Our Universal Protocol and Divine Fellowship.

I bid thee .. be ever and in all ways about the living of Our Ideal. And for those who hold the Yoke of My Consciousness and Contact .. My Threefold Essence of our Relationship and Fellowship .. they shall be greatly .. I say .. they shall be greatly rewarded with their personal immortality.

Be thou .. respectful of our discipleship and the Initiatory Thought and Life of God the Father.

Be thou .. receptive to Mine Counsel and Guidance both in My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter surrounding thee .. and in My human expression and relationship with you while I hold this mortal garment.

Be thou .. responsible for all thine Life as you abide in the Plan .. the Law of Justice .. and the Will of Heaven.

These three are the necessary prerequisites of our Sovereign Discipleship together; for I take no prisoners .. as ye must Wholeheartedly choose to enter into Our Mutuality of Discipleship with Me.

And the way you choose is by your obedience and cooperation with these three Relationship tenets - Respect .. Receptivity .. and Responsibility.

I AM yours for the asking...as ye seek to fulfill My requirements of Mercy and Forgiveness .. Love and Light. Then shall ye become the ascended sons and daughters of the Promised Land and the Higher Pastures of all Grace in the Universal Father.

Michael Of Nebadon
Salvington University

Michael Of Nebadon

Written by

Spirit Of Truth Holy Comforter

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