I AM the Universal Vine, and You, Its Branches of Illumination

I say unto you who hold reverance for our fellowship together .. I am the universal vine, and My Father God .. Its Living Source.

…and while I am this Universal Vine by which all Life in this part of creation is achieved .. brought forth .. you are each Its branches. All nourishment which cometh through the vine to feed its branches .. this does come through the Mother Spirit and I.

I am the vine, and you are the branches. Think on this beloveds. Allow its benevolent realization to blossom in thee. God the Father .. He requires of Me that I distribute His Life Impulse to you .. in you .. through you .. for you .. by you .. and as you; for ye are of the One Life I AM.

The Goodly Father asks that His Life be put to good use .. that you shall bear much fruit .. and that the vine and It’s branches shall expand throughout. The vine is pruned and it is purified and refined so that all dead and dying debris shall not become a parasite sucking the Life nutrients from all the other living parts of the vine.

He asketh of Me only to increase the fruitfulness of its branches. Every individual personality is a branch connected and stemming from out of this One Vine of Supremacy. Each branch coming out of Me which bears no fruit, the Father will take away. Every branch which bears fruit, the Father will cleanse that it may bear more fruit.

Already .. thou art cleansed through Mine teachings and these do carry the Life nutrients of the Trinity Source to all branches who are hungry and willing. Yet, thine purifying tasks are, as yet, not finished. Ye must continue to cleanse thine nature while thine character must become grown correctly so as not to force the growth of the one vine into misalignment.

You are impulsed to follow in Mine way and Truth .. ye must abide in Me, and I in you; for the branch shall die from starvation when cut off and separated from the vine. It’s nourishment is fulfilled and in this distribution .. the individual branches do feed and grow strong and lengthy in health and wellness, wholeness and peace does prosper the Vine of Totality .. of Supremacy.

It is a truth, beloved ones of Mine Universal Heart .. the branch shall neither bear good fruit nor can it offer itself in service to the whole .. until it abides in the vine. Ye are to abide in Me, and in this design of eternity shall you bring nourishment to the Whole; a good and truthful yield of the fruits of the Infinite.

Yield good fruits that give sustenance and warmth to the lives of Mine branches .. thou children of Mine Universal Trust .. the fruits of loving service come hither and quick as ye remain true to our covenant together for every branch to taketh its accounting. By staying true to our trust you abide in me. I am the actual vine universal, and you its living branches. He who lives in Me, and I in him, will mature their fruit of the spirit and they shall experience the supremacy of infinite joy in yielding this life harvest. If you will maintain this reciprocal spiritual communion with Me, you will bear living fruit in prosperity of abundance and health .. abundant fruit shall grow for thee.

Our Universal Fellowship offers thee Mine ways of contact .. of abiding in Me and I in thee. Mine Comforter Spirit shall renew thine mind and cleanse thine heart. If you allow Mine teaching to begin to live in you, ye shall find comfort and companionship in our association. You will be able to commune freely with me, and then can my living spirit establish the Verities and Vision of Eternity. I shall become infused in you, so that you may ask whatsoever My Spirit wills .. conducting all this with the fullest confidence .. the divine assurance that the Father shall grant us our petition.

Hence, as ye ask for constructive solutions and life enhancing resolutions to your problems and struggles, the Father shall transfigure thee into His glory, so that His universal vine .. having many living branches, each of these branches shall bears the fullness of His fruit.

I come to light aflame thine purity into righteousness and reliability. As thine Race begins to take notice and sees our fruit-bearing branches .. thine friends and family who love one another shall find refuge and tender comfort .. tolerance and honesty .. compassion and awareness of heart; for ye shall hold the promise of unconditional loving towards your fellows .. and ye shall find grace and mercy coming upon the airwaves of the higher atmosphere. Thine capability of loving shall show its increase .. even as I have loved each of you, then all men will know that you are truly my disciples.

Michael Of Nebadon


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