I bring to thine civilization the great hope of heaven that ye shall receive Mine coming in this simple way .. unannounced and humble .. without glitter nor glamour .. nor shall I allow the misguided teachings of some of your religions to interfere with My Way, Truth, and Everlasting Life of Perfection; for it is the way of the Universal Father Son Spirit.

I come with the upgraded revelation for your Race .. Mine Father’s possibilities are directly presented for you each to receive .. to finally and forever enter into the Kingdom of God by partaking of the new and enlarged revealing of My teachings; for now .. only after two thousand years have trickled through your current civilization .. shall ye walk with Me in courage and consideration.

Our walk together carries you into the higher understandings .. the everlasting perspectives of the Heavens which even My disciples of Galilea could not fully understand nor embrace at the time.

Mine message of salvation shall unite the world one individual personality at a time. All religions and all spiritual orientations .. every perspective of human thought .. these shall all eventually bow down before the Initiatory Life of God the Father, and His Kingdom shall flood thine world once and forevermore.

Our Universal Family shall be established upon the earth; for the rebellious and immature inclinations of all shall become evaporated just as the rays of the sun cause to disintegrate all fog and mist in the early mornings.

Thine peoples of all the numerous families of the earth shall arise upon this New Wine of Understandings Eternal and Illuminated Educational Fellowship.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

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