I share with you .. my children .. that your relationship with the Universal First Cause is personal, dynamic, and a reciprocal ongoing communion that ye shall enter into throughout all thine days. Be ever awake and aware that this Universal Spirit lives in you .. and as You .. beyond time and space physicality.

As you shall serve the thine Creator bestowal presence in you .. he shall bless you with a knowledge which is practical, and yet, unearthly. All thy sickness in mind and feelings and body shall become evaporated .. lifted away from you.

Arise .. and give out thy natural radiation which emanates from within you at all times; if it were not for the density of thine field .. the Universal Father would shine forth from you .. raising up your physicality into a crystal diamond fire of omnipotent Life.

Your light has come, it lives in you .. and the glory of the Life of God has risen upon you. Darkness may cover the earth and gross darkness the people, but the spirit of Life shall glorify you as you give your acknowledgement and allegiance to this One Life. The divine glory shall be seen with you .. emanating from you. Even the undecided ones shall come to this light and life, and many shall surrender to the radiation of your indwelling Life.

Michael of Nebadon


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