Infinite Intelligence of the Persons of Existence

Attempt not to prove unto your brethren that you have discovered the Good Parent Spirit in your mind and heart.

You simply shall not be able to show your discoveries through the senses nor will you demonstrate to others that you hold his knowledge and understanding.

Yet.. as you ripen into maturity in these inward revelations of the Holy Truth of Life .. there are certainly a few ways that it will show itself in your life.

The fruits of a spirit led experience are revealed to all others in your patience for all things because you are trusting the divine outworking. Patience for all by giving to them your listening ear .. receptivity to other's hearts with unconditional acceptance.

In your daily routines .. the remembrances of the Consciousness of God’s Word .. his Life .. do become more frequent. You simply remember to place your attention upon the Source directly in you. With overwhelming adorational gratitude for all goodness .. truth .. and beauty .. which the Father is continually outpouring to you. The tenderness of gentility and kindness to his creation of animals and plants .. elementals and human beings. This humility of mind .. awakens you further to embrace the darkness of misqualified Life as this is returned to you for your advancements into the ascendancy of souls.

Perhaps second .. is the renovation of your life’s purpose .. it’s true divine meaning .. the approach to living your mortal life becomes heightened by the enhancement of these eternal virtues of mind .. those values which portend a righteousness of evolutionary progress from material and mechanical mind to the soul mind which hungers for Absoluteness. These are the beginning attitudes Of ascendancy which raise you very gradually into a true son and daughter of the Absoluteness of Paradise. The new human order of advancement.

Third.. thine consciousness becoming enobled .. a nobility of mind and heart cometh to they who give themselves to God’s Way and Will. This nobility is a generosity of giving to those around you .. Unconditionally loving-kindness .. and the mind which thirsts for righteousness and rectitude .. receptivity and recognition of the Lord God who dwelleth in every living creature high and low .. rich and poor .. ignorant and knowledgeable. This is the respect for God and his created life everywhere.

These .. Mine children .. are some of the fruits which thine labors of birthing thyself shall bring to you and all others.

Verily .. our ideal is a kind of yoga .. a yogic endeavor which brings you immaculately to the altar of ascendancy.

Stretch thine heart and mind into righteousness and respect .. recognition .. realization and responsibility .. receptivity and remembrance.

Breathe inwards and outwards thine own God Life .. allowing this Life to fill every particle of inner space .. so much so that your human field of consciousness is quickening into the garment of the Father’s Initiatory Life.

Chant his Holy Name with the Host of the Heavens. Invite the Flames of Ascendancy from the Infinite Mother Spirit through the Host .. to enter you .. and to assist you to embrace eternity by unconditionally receiving back your creations as I and the Host return these energies to you.

Receive these enhancements of eternity by becoming vigilant with your attitudes each day. Build a righteousness of heart and a powerful rectitude of mind .. a heart and mind wholeheartedly willing to own your powers of authority .. of creative authorship .. whereby you are joyous at the opportunity to .. at last .. complete your earthly cycles and graduate to the next grade of adventure and advancement. You are joyful to be given the guidance to transfigure all things according to the way of the Father Mother God.

Finally .. live this approach and its ideal .. live as I am living .. adherence with the living presence which seeks your survival beyond the tapestries of ephemerality .. and desires for thine personality soul to become established in the octaves of pure Light and Life through the omnipotent omnipresence of God’s Love and Infinite Intelligence .. his Forgiveness and Mercy .. which shall overwhelm all lesser vibratory activities .. for his Love conquers everything into Himself. His Love is revealed in the Son’s Mercy and its Infinite Influences do render you your eternal freedom.

Michael Of Nebadon

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