Thine Prayers and Yearnings Overflow

Know that I give you instruction .. beloveds .. I say to you .. ye are weighed downward at times .. yet what confuses thee is not built from sound intelligence .. often humanity makes a great tumult unto themselves and they do cry out to Me, saying .. "Lord, deliver us from this evil which attacks our lives."

I do listen well, beloveds, to thine prayers and urgings for surcease .. verily do I come in the Comforter Spirit .. to deliver you from merely the snares of thine intellects of lesser will and mind.

I speak great whisperings into thine inner intuitive hearings.

I persuade thee to turn from the folly of thine ways when the intellectual imprisonment captures you .. and becometh too much to handle; for thine intellect has been overly developed at the expense of the feelings and the soul.

The things of this world are ephemeral and as such .. transient are they. Even thine thoughts coming from the intellectual mind are as a bubble arising out from thine karmas of mentality. Too much thinking never does mature a woman or a man.

Arise .. Knock .. and Come hither .. Mine children within this Universal Orb that we share together. Thine Mother surrounds you with her Merciful Joy and Giving with the very Planetary Administration of the Host of the Heavens.

Believe not the intellectual. It is a manufacturer of the unnecessary snares .. the traps and tricks of the lesser nature .. perception must become spiritual. Insight must come of thine own choosing to dwell upon the Absolute. Intuition shall become developed so that these higher centers take their overwhelming harmony over the intellectual mind and bodily senses.

The intellectual fog which appears always out of no thing .. this is merely the mind's distraction which tend to always pollute Our Pure and Beatific Ideal. Arise and Come hither into Our Fellowship together.

Be not a laggard filled with the laziness of the race density which would snare thine personality soul's ascent into the greater Kingdom.

Gather thine righteousness and upwardly qualified and constructively created momentums .. and become thou .. Mine shepherds of Grace and Mercy .. of purposes bold and discerning .. unwavering for Truth and Love Divine.

I come back to gather the ready ones who have bled from tears of seeking. I come to impregnate thee with My Consciousness .. My Conviction and Constancy .. My Congruence and Certainty .. so that ye might gain a better traction upon the road leading into better days and a more robust destiny .. One with the Primordial Life which is your destination .. as well as .. thine Reality of Being.

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu
Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter