Let Thine Christos Universalis

Breathe deeply and slowly .. thou sons and daughters of the Universal Father. Bringing into your human viewpoint the presence of the Universal One comes about through the Values of Eternity — and our relationship with the Infinite One God Force.

Some of these values which you can choose to cultivate in building and broadening your personal relationship with the Universal Spirit can be applied with the powers of Invocation and Worship.

Here are the values that you can cultivate while building your worship between yourself as a mortal being and the Infinite Father:







all-consuming love and desire





Our Ideal at The Society of Salvington

Growing your character by contemplating the values and virtues of the Universe Mother Spirit will amplify and mature your receptivity. In this I offer to each mine beatitudes to grow character and refine and mature your values of personality. Your choices and decisions and agenda becomes aligned and cooperative with Eternity’s agenda.

Protocol to honor and respect the Infinite Circuits of the Three Persons of Infinity .. the formal etiquettes, and codes of behavior in relationship with the Infinite Persons is necessary, their eternal lawful precedence on how the universes are fashioned and designed to operate, and the right procedures in preparations for Universe Citizenship require your cooperative refinement and personal righteousness in utilizing the divine authority that is given to you, and the spiritual powers, rights and capabilities of personal Consciousness as you blend and merge with the Universal Consciousness.

Yoga of the Kingdom through Impregnation

Place thine Creative Awareness .. thine Consciousness upon thy breathing. This is Mine way to slow down the thinking mind .. to gradually allow the Christ Mind to appear to you.

You are each the Self Consciousness of our Universal Orb. You are inseparable from this Ocean of Undifferentiated Bliss and Stability .. yet .. ye must invite the greater Mind of the Universal Christ that we share to descend into your humanly qualified vibration.

Then .. surrender consciously any thoughts and feelings of separation that will arise in you. This is the breathing in of the Christos Universalis of thyself .. and the breathing out of the vibratory density. It is one movement with two equally essential motions.

This is the righteousness of your free will authority .. to consciously exchange the density for the greater purity of the divine. Truly the density is the divine .. yet .. it is covered over by thine miscreatings.

I walk with thee upon thine soul essence. Hand within My Hand do we venture beyond the limitations and boundaries of human mortal consciousness and form.

I show thee .. My beloved brethren of this universe .. the way to embody the higher Illumination of the Spirit of Bestowal .. the Universal Father who has come to offer you His/Her Life Essence .. to become eternally wed with you.

For .. the mortal shall place upon itself the Immortal Garment of Immaculate Illumination. This is the price you must give to enter into the next and higher vibratory octaves .. and establish thyself within the Second Birth of Universe Citizenship with Me.

Michael of Nebadon

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