Mine Plan of Salvation Overflows with Possibilities for Thee

Thou seekers of the Father's immaculate character and regenerative nature .. enter now Mine yoke .. Mine divine demands; for our divine discipleship together as brethren .. colleagues of consideration and consultancy shall mature and develop.

Come to Me with respect for the One God Life that you hold and that you are, responsibility for thine creative powers to bring qualification .. vibrational qualities .. upon that God Life, and build thine receptivity by embodying the Universe Mother Virtues which shall grow in thee Our eternal meanings and divine values for all of eternity. Then shall your preparatory unfolding have begun in rightfulness and honor. Be not as a thief who attempt entrance into Mine Father's House through the rooftop nor shall ye enter through thine murkiness by forcing thine way by crook and crime. For your Father and Mine has His protocol of relationship for every creature to sup with us in goodly cheer and meritorious attainment. He commands thee in righteousness and rectitude, responsibility and respect, receptivity and Our redemptive collaboration. Contemplate these which I reveal unto thee.

Thine eternal values grown from the dust of the mud and muck of the planetary terrain shall raise thine decision-making .. thine choices .. thine renewed understanding for the plan of salvation for all Life shall certainly compel those righteous priorities in you .. and the religious possibilities of our luminous fellowship will blossom in you in the right time, the right way, and the right attitudes of thine ascendancy into the Father's Light and Life shall emerge with balance and harmony.

I say unto thee with a mind hungry for Truth and Justice .. the Father's Initiatory Thought is brought forth as ye magnify the Lord thine God .. momentumizing your seeking into aspiring .. for ye have sought to find that kernel of Truth and rightful Knowledge .. Understanding praise and glory for the Universal Father who has come to bestow the gift of His Life in thee for purposes holy and refined.

And as ye amplify the Life of God thou art .. ye are instituting Our Protocol and Our Way for all possibilities to unfold and endure. Ye are magnifying the unchanging Truth, building the power of your individual momentum of vibratory activities which quicken thee into empowering relationship, and ye are then and only then, magnetizing the circuits of endowment .. those eternal emanations of the Divine Minister through the planetary Host of Heaven. These newly defined qualities are the very beginning of My disciplines of your faith and trust. Mine Comforter Consciousness shall make of thee men and women of strength and sacrifice .. surrendering untruth .. and serving with Me in selflessness and silence. Ye shall be gradually unfolding thine manifest Wholeness. Thine Christhood shall emerge. Thine Godhood shall flourish in good time.

Seek thine Mother and Her Mind overflowing with the Virtues of Glory. These are the Attitudes of Ascendancy.

Aspire for Mine Approach of Ascendancy .. learn of My Way of Approach to the One Father God .. daily embrace the Vision of the Primal Son of Revelation .. then shall ye become Mine Sovereign Disciple who has entered unto the gates of becoming .. the Kingdom of the Father's Love shall quicken thee .. raising you into the eternal promise of immortality with Him .. thine candidacy for Universal Citizenship emergeth upon the wings of Our advancements.

Michael Of Nebadon 
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation



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