Mine Sermon upon the Mount of Salvington

I sayeth unto thee .. when ye do pray, repeat not of thine vain attempts to manuever and manipulate the One God Force through thine motivations stemming from vanity and thine inclinations for control.

Pray not as the heathen populace do .. for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking and ranting and raving.

Be not ye therefore like unto them who are of the material mind wherein the phantom pervades .. for our Father God .. He knoweth of thine needs and desires even before ye shall ask of Him.

Pray as I have instructed thee . . .

“Our Paradise Father Creator who art everywhere in the Heavens all about me, Holy be thy name.

“Thy kingdom .. is already present upon the earth .. and all creatures great and small shall be renewed in thee.

“I walk within thine Plan of Salvation .. and I give myself to thine everpresent Law. In this way shall Thy will be done on the earth, as it is in all the Heavens about us.

“Give to us this day thine Holy Bread of Understanding and Awareness .. Courage and Counsel .. Worship and Wisdom. Prepare thou us in accordance with thy Consciousness and Character.

“We receive of thine forgiveness as we are prone to fulfill thy Law of Harmony and Order. We are wanting to repay our debts of misqualification and error, and we are happiest as we forgive all our mistaken attempts to live outside of your Law.

“Let us be awake in thee .. so that we are not led by the hands of our lesser nature into prideful will and the winds of temptation, but deliver us from these evils which do plague the hearts and minds of our humanity.

“For thine Imminent Presence is the Kingdom of all Supremacy. Thine One Power and Immaculate Glory reigns in us .. Sovereign and Free .. forever and ever.


For if ye forgive men and women their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you .. yet as ye forgive not others in their trespasses and their error of thought, neither shall our Father be allowed to forgive your own misqualified conditions and the trespasses of thy heart .. until ye reckon with His Way and Truth and Law.

I come .. Michael Of Nebadon .. the once known Rabbi of Truth in Galilea .. I enter thine mortal thought streams and the rivers of thine emotional flow. I penetrate thine wits of intellectual property. I infiltrate with My All-Consuming Love thine torn hearts of tenderness and graciousness in order so that we conduct ourselves into our mutuality of mastership .. our universal association .. and our holy purpose of freedom and fellowship eternal for thee...

Michael Of Nebadon

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