My Beatific Ideal of the Kingdom of God

I teach you My Beatific Ideal of the Kingdom of His Sovereignty. As you enter each day into His glory and honor .. the Father’s Life expands in you .. and through you. His vibratory activity consumes all the lowered vibration from your lifetimes of experience.

Yet .. you are required to adhere to the Father’s Way .. His Truth .. and His Life in you. Our Ideal exchanges daily the lowered vibratory activities which have been operating behind the scenes of your awareness. It transfigure all obstructions as you are making the effort to become aligned with God.

Alignment with the One God occurs through these Sevenfold Powers of Authority. This is the righteous use of your own free will authority to reset into a new momentum and a new motion .. a renewed vibratory activity. The heavier qualities shall pass away. Those heavier emotional days shall become a thing of the past .. extinct from your existence. The thoughts which do plague thee shall become emancipated by your righteousness in living in accordance and harmony with God the Father .. the Son .. and the Spirit.

The Self Directive Governing I AM .. is the Sonship in expression .. it is the Universal Christ .. the Supremacy of God in time and space. Only the Supremacy seeks to purify the baser nature. Only the Supremacy is actively calling calling for and inviting the Flames of the Planetary Host. Only this Self Directive Governing I AM is walking consciously with its head held high .. it’s breath upon the great Silent Breathing of the Source.

Identification of yourself as this Self Directive Governing I AM is announcing constructively qualified creation in alignment with the Infinite Absolute God who loves beyond words all creatures and creation itself.

These Sevenfold Powers of Authority mature you into the Self Directive Governing I AM .. which is the one and only Consciousness and Intelligence that is acting throughout existence. All else is merely the unaware personality soul merely believing it is acting apart from the One God.

Our Beatific Ideal is to subordinate all life’s experiences .. every circumstantial challenge .. each conflict and pain .. into the One God .. finding yourself in possession of the One God through the Spirit of Bestowal above thee.

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu

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